Is your iOS slow as snail snot? Read our tips to fix it


We will help you to increase the speed of your iOS. So if you have one of the older iPhones or iPads that support iOS, you know that the performance is not that fast. So these few tips will help you to increase a little bit the speed of your device on iOS. So first of all let’s talk about something that we can really call a myth – which is the apps in the background. (The apps on the app switcher.)

The myth of closing apps

For years a lot of us thought that closing these apps in the background is the best practice and the best thing to do. But according to Apple, it’s not like that! So these apps will be suspended in the background, and they won’t go ahead and just kill your battery. You will have them in the background. The apps will be suspended, but you have them ready to launch on the background.

Apple has confirmed this last year. It’s better leaving these apps open on the app switcher. You can close them entirely but of course, this will not speed up your device. Having the apps that you use most of the apps which are ready. It will help you to have a better experience on devices that are slower. The apps will be prepared in the background, and you won’t have to relaunch them anytime that you want to open those apps. So don’t kill the apps that you frequently use the app switcher, leave them there! It’s not anything terrible. It won’t kill your battery.

Reduce transparency effects

The next step is reducing transparency. You know all the cool blurs that you get on your control center and everywhere on the device. This cool blur effect on the background of the control center and on the dock. It looks cool, but your device can perform faster if you reduce those effects. You can definitely do that by heading to settings, the path is: settings > general > accessibility > increase contrast and enable here reduce transparency. You will see the moment to any of that switch it will remove these blurs. Of course it doesn’t look that cool but your device will perform a little better.

Reduce motion effect

Another thing that helps is the effects when you open apps and your open folders. You can see cool effects when you open an app or a folder. You can reduce that by going to settings > general accessibility and then you have here reduce motion – just turn this on. Now you will have just this nice fading effect. I prefer that all the better than the effects of iOS. So it will perform better, and the effect is pretty cool.

Clear RAM memory

Another good practice to do once in a while is clearing the RAM of your iPhone. You can do that by holding the power button. Just wait for the power down menu. Get the menu press and hold the home button for 6 seconds. You can see it will dismiss this screen and it will take you to your home screen.  What this does is that it cleans the RAM of your iPhone.

Delete internet browser cache memory

If you use Safari a lot on your device, it’s better to clean the data of websites from Safari so that it can run smoother. What you have to do is go to settings of Safari and then scroll all the way down here. We have here button: clear history and website data. So you can just stab that to clear them all. If you go to the advanced tab, you will have here website data. It will show you a list of all the website data, and you can go ahead and edit them from here. You can, of course, remove all of them. You can choose which one you want to remove.

Having more free memory on your iPhone helps your device perform better. So you can delete apps that you don’t use a lot. If you want to see which apps are taking more space on your device, go to settings > general > iPhone storage. It will show you a list of all your apps. It will tell you exactly how much space these apps are taking on your device.

Delete unused apps

Last quick tip is rebooting your device so reboot your device. You will see the difference when you restart your device. You can do that by holding power and the home button until you see the Apple logo. You can see the screen will go dark. Wait for the Apple logo. Release the button, and then it will reboot your device. You can do the same with an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 8, but you will have to tap the power button and the volume down button.

That’s it! Now your iOS device should be faster a lot.

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