VaryTale Introduction

VaryTale Introduction

A new way of telling stories.

It’s been a tough decade for printed game cheats. But in the digital revolution, there is a huge creative and commercial opportunity.

As gamers in the digital age, we expect interaction. We want to have our say in how a story unfolds. This is the premise of Varytale.

As the reader progresses through a story, they influence the narrative under the watchful gaze of the author. A series of decisions and outcomes puts the course of the story in their hands.

From big choices that affect the whole story: should Cinderella stay at the ball past midnight? To changes of viewpoint: what does Pride and Prejudice feel like from Darcy’s point of view? To extras that shed new light on the story: find out more about the tragic childhood of the Woman in White.

Varytale gives readers the power to choose, so that a good story becomes a great interactive story or you can read about Games and game’s cheats and hacks.

A new way of selling stories.

Varytale promises to be a strong commercial publishing platform, because it offers a new revenue model that fits in with how web-savvy consumers prefer to buy—in small, discretionary and low-cost chunks—on any device including tablet, phone and on the web.

Authors can start with a short story and see how successful it is within a matter of days, adding and expanding content as readers demand it. In contrast with paper-publishing, teasers can seamlessly grow to become full works, and continue on to huge franchises.

This feedback model of story development is exciting, but it requires a different way of thinking and planning. Authors that want to make gripping interactive stories using Varytale are not on their own. We will provide all the right training, tools and tips to make their project a success.

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